Friday, July 20, 2012

Confessions of A Lonely Woman (Anthology)

Free 07/21 - 07/22

Three lonely but very different women live out their innermost fantasies to fulfill the void in their love lives.

- Elena is a hard worker but she has been alone for way to long. She goes out in hopes of fulfilling her innermost fantasy.

- Jasmine has been alone since she split with the guy she swore was her
soul-mate. After a lot of soul searching she falls in the arms of her
old friend from high school. Her innermost desires are fulfilled in the
most unlikely way.

- Ashley has put on a few pounds since the last time she was with a man
intimately. It has been a very long time for her. Insecure about herself and her body she never even tried to look for a relationship. Taking
her chances, she decides to go out for a drink with her friend and the
unexpected happens


Erotica Short Stories

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