Saturday, October 27, 2012


 He met his fate at the young age of only seventeen. Elijah Fitzgerald, sets out to find the one person who changed his life.

He finds his conquest fueled by the lust and hunger of his innermost desires, far beyond his wildest dreams.Will he ever find "The One" who will tame his ways forever?

A story filled with love, lust, betrayal and deceit.

(warning) Contains some sex scenes, but are not overly explicit.

Elijah's life, and those around him, hang in the balance of life and death. As a creature much like himself sets out to kill everyone he has ever cared for. Can Elijah hold on to his humanity long enough to save theirs, or will he give in to the beast that dwells within him?

All the while, he tries to figure out just what it is about the Mandrake sisters that drives his senses wild. Will his obsession with these two women ultimately lead him to his own demise?

(warning) This story contains some sex scenes, but are not overtly explicit.)


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