Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Today I have a variety of free books available for your pleasure. From romance to quotes, to fantasy triller. Please take one or all and have a happy Halloween!!
He met his fate at the young age of only seventeen. Elijah Fitzgerald, sets out to find the one person who changed his life.

He finds his conquest fueled by the lust and hunger of his innermost desires, far beyond his wildest dreams.Will he ever find "The One" who will tame his ways forever?

A story filled with love, lust, betrayal and deceit.

(warning) Contains some sex scenes, but are not overly explicit.
 Three young warriors, one of them with royal blood, will be born into the human race as natural enemies. They must overcome their differences to unite and bring light back into darkness. For there is no light without darkness, and there is no darkness without light.

However, victory does not come without a price.
 What could be healthier than light-hardheartedly chuckling over our abiding impulses, susceptibilities, and weaknesses. At some level, most of us can appreciate that many comic utterances betray profound truths about ourselves--truths we might not be willing to look at without their being framed humorously. But feeling amused, we may be able to recognize and (however begrudgingly) accept that, overcome by lower instincts and desires, we're quite capable of being like that, talking like that, reacting like that. Our powerful, more animal side can preempt our better judgment, or our higher ethical sensibilities.

This is why witty sex quotes--especially those that beguile us into laughing at ourselves--deserve our (at least) "quasi-serious" attention. To maintain our psychological balance, it's essential we let ourselves smile, giggle, and maybe even break up over all the incongruities, inconsistencies, and flat-out contradictions related to what may be our favorite pastime.
 Three lonely but very different women live out their innermost fantasies to fulfill the void in their love lives.

- Elena is a hard worker but she has been alone for way to long. She goes out in hopes of fulfilling her innermost fantasy.

- Jasmine has been alone since she split with the guy she swore was her
soul-mate. After a lot of soul searching she falls in the arms of her
old friend from high school. Her innermost desires are fulfilled in the
most unlikely way.

- Ashley has put on a few pounds since the last time she was with a man
intimately. It has been a very long time for her. Insecure about herself
and her body she never even tried to look for a relationship. Taking
her chances, she decides to go out for a drink with her friend and the
unexpected happens.

This Anthology now has two bonus stories!!

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